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It's a big job!
Let us help.

Leverage our experience, our tools, and our partnerships
to make your noble goal for your district possible!

Girls at Recess

Software isn't enough.

Professional Development


Dr. Marzano leads our team of trainers to support districts with PD from Writing Proficiency Scales to Cumulative review. 

Launch Planning

& Coaching

DLP PD Plan.jpg

We've done this before and made a lot of mistakes. You don't have to. We will make a custom plan together so you don't miss important steps on the way to your goals. 

Reports &


Empower organizes and analyzes real-time data using the latest research to help you make the best decisions for your learning community.

We want to make you a local hero!

Let us put our experience and connections in your corner. 


Not sure where to start?
Get some pedagogical training from
Dr. Marzano and his team!

Reporting & Analytics

View high-level data or drill down to specifics. 


Print progress reports and even transcripts from our templates. 

Reporting Tab Full.jpg

Portals & Solutions for all stakeholders

  • Curriculum Creation & Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Observation & Evaluation

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Observation & Evaluation

  • Parent Communication

  • Scoring Tools

  • Instructional Design

  • Student Management

  • Parent Communication

  • Learning Management

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Teacher Communication

  • Real-Time Data

  • Teacher Communication

  • Push Updates

  • Behavior Monitoring

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