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Personalized Learning at its best!

Do you believe …


We should meet students at the point of their need


Students should show mastery before moving on to new learning to ensure they are set up for success in future learning


Students learn in different ways and at different times

Then learn more about the most robust CBE LMS now!


Portals & Solutions 
for all

Present meaningful data, curated to meet the needs of individual stakeholders in your system.

District Leaders

  • Curriculum Creation & Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

Site Leaders

  • Data Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Goal Setting


  • Learning Management

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Teacher Communication


  • Real-Time Data

  • Teacher Communication

  • Push Updates


  • Curriculum Creation & Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Student Management

Our purpose is to finally help districts overcome the hurdles that keep a student-centered learning model from being viable.

Contact us for a personalized, interactive demonstration.

We want to hear about
your vision and show
you how Empower can support it.


Evergreen Data

Easily view a student's or cohort's mastery of individual topics across school years.


Manage student progress. Work collaboratively to create instruction, assessments and units that allow students choice.


Anytime, anywhere learning happens, easily record it and align it to your standards then calculate data-driven summative scores.


View high-level data or drill down to specifics. Print progress reports and even transcripts from our templates.

The Standards Referenced and Competency-
Based LMS
you've been searching for.

Empower is a full-blown LMS and gradebook, with dynamic instructional design tools and powerful reporting and analytics.

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The LMS of choice for Marzano Academies

"Empower is head and shoulders above anything else I've seen out there."

-Dr. Robert J. Marzano

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