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We're Proud to Present the Following Competency-Based Education PD Topics


CBE Implementation Consulting and Tools

Implement a logical and measured CBE initiative. Leverage CCBE's CBE roadmap to guide your steps and make your journey clear. Receive guidance on goal setting and track progress against your goals using CCBE's CBE implementation proficiency scales. Utilize CCBE's purpose-built tools to self assess against the implementation scales and let our CBE experts independently gauge progress, provide feedback, and lend just-in-time support where you need it most.

Learning Outcomes


Orient your CBE initiative around a straightforward roadmap based on over 50 years of experience. 


Assess your current implementation status using CCBE's implementation scoring scales. 


Establish local, measurable goals, with guidance from CCBE's experts. 


Track and continuously monitor progress against your goals using CCBE's best-in-class CBE implementation platorm.


Receive independent assessment of your CBE implementation's status from CCBE's experts.

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