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Professional Development

For Curriculum Personnel and Teachers:

Classroom Assessment Using Proficiency Scales


Assessment Literacy:
Assessment Types


Assessment Literacy:
Creating Reliable and Valid Classroom
Assessments Aligned
to Proficiency Scales


Using Classroom
Assessment Data to
Inform Instruction


Assessment Topics



Custom Consulting
and Development

Led by Dr. Robert Marzano, the assessment team at Empower Learning provides assessment consulting and evaluation services tailored to meet your specific needs. We spend time understanding your needs and co-develop a scope of work to define the project parameters. Our assessment team will then deliver on that work, providing your system the peace of mind that your assessments effectively align with your competency-based goals.

Examples of Projects the Center
Team Can Provide

Evaluation of Existing Common/Benchmark Assessments:

Alignment of existing assessments to proficiency scales


Item validity analysis, feedback, revision


Classroom assessment

reliability calculation


How to set up a system-wide classroom assessment approach aligned to proficiency scales.

Analysis of the reliability and validity of school-wide and district-wide assessments (i.e. correlational studies. Correlating student scores on classroom assessments with their scores on large-scale, end-of-year and interim assessments).

Guided Implementation of the Marzano Growth Calculator

One of our premier LMS tools is available for free!

The Marzano Growth Calculator

Get Personal Support from
Dr. Marzano Himself

Watch the Tutorial

Take a tour of the Marzano Growth Calculator and learn everything you need to know from creating a free account to comparing test reliabilities across multiple classrooms.

Read the White Paper
by Dr. Robert Marzano

Dig into the research and theory that underlies this novel approach to determining mastery.



We bring decades of Standards-Based Grading experience to your community.

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