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Dr. Robert Marzano Equity in Education


Dr. Marzano on CBE, Equity, and Learning Management Systems

​Dr. Robert Marzano discusses how the current model of education is failing to address equity in education and how a competency-based LMS like Empower can help.

Dr. Marzano: Equity in Access

Dr. Robert Marzano discusses how CBE and an online Learning Management System can provide more equitable access to resources, instruction, and relationships to learners who may otherwise be geographically cut off from them.

Dr. Marzano: Equity in Assessment

In the third webinar on the confluence of CBE, Equity, and Learning Management Systems, Dr. Robert Marzano presents an equitable alternative to the traditional methods of scoring and grading. He introduces the role that error plays in classroom assessments and presents a broadened approach to assessment, one that mitigates the inherent inequities in all student assessment.

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