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Data for you.

Data for Guardians.

Interact with your data digitally through various Empower tools or print progress reports and even transcripts. 

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Analyze progress and need across your learning community.

Get high-level diagnostic information that you can drill down on to inform your decision-making .

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Catch need early, so you can help in time.

Real-time data on key performance indicators keep you and your community on top of things. 

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How you communicate home is critical.

Our Progress Reports are designed with guardians to give them the info they need in a way that's easily understood

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The tools for your schools.

Empower is a full-blown LMS and gradebook, with dynamic

instructional design tools and powerful reporting and analytics. 


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Manage student progress. Work collaboratively to create instruction, assessments and units that allow student's choice.


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Anytime, anywhere learning happens, easily record it and align it to your standards then calculate data-driven summative scores.


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View high-level data or drill down to specifics. Print progress reports and even transcripts from our templates. 

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